rolling on the laughing floor

The pinboard at work has the usual jumble of notices. Kittens to be saved from a death row shelter. (They’re so cute and little.) A pub trivia night. A for sale 2003 Toyota Corolla that’s been to the moon and back. ($500 ono. Rear panel dented by a meteor.)
Then there are the workplace notices. A4 posters with the names and numbers and thumbnail pics of fire wardens and OH&S reps. Someone has used spare pins off the board to gouge their eyes out.
Every time I see this – EVERY time – I laugh like Bart and Lisa watching The Itchy and Scratchy Show.
To see their eyes reshaped as jagged black holes transforms them into other-creatures. Things. Surprise, surprise – our appearance is skin deep. Pin deep. Most of the fire wardens on my floor now look like Satan. Not very reassuring.
On the other hand I feel I know them. We’ve had a laugh together.
I’m not sure why I find defacing so funny but I’d choose it any day over stand-up comedians (except Judith Lucy, and possibly Louis CK). Don’t give me tix to a comedy festival. I might have to endure Wil Anderson. Give me a magazine someone has defaced and left on the train.
I’ve googled defacing as an art form and found that it began when a young Austrian – Adolf Hitler -drew a stupid moustache on a photograph of himself aged 16. That turned out to be not very funny but when he was 16 it was hilarious. His later Vienna years watercolours were a disappointment.
Because she is a well-rounded person Wallington buys Hello! magazine. Because we are a well-rounded couple I later take these magazines to work and recycle them to whoever wants to know about four people (Duke William and Duchess Kate and Dickhead David and Victoria Beckham).
I deface the front cover every time and LOL before I pass it on. Sometimes stories get back to me of old ladies in retirement homes who have ended up with these mags mortified at the nipples on the Duchess of Cambridge. Get a life, I say to them.

Hilarious, right?

I refuse to ROFL. It doesn’t read right. I ROLF. I roll on the laughing floor. It’s a kind of bouncy castle full of defaced magazines. And other artworks. Once in a cafe I took the folded triangle of a paper napkin and someone had written YOU ARE VERY MESSY on the inside fold.
To me that is better than a whole season of Seinfeld.
Political graffiti is a whole other gallery. My favourite artwork was when we lived in Hobart and Robin Gray was Premier and his re-election bid was based on flogging Tassie’s trees to Japan (to make photocopy paper).
The Man. The Plan his posters boldly declared. Japan a poet and artist had added. Genius.


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