Riders on the storm

One thing – as you’re possibly aware – leads to another.

Last week a new crepe joint opened up near to where I work. Crepe Canopy? Crappy Crepes? The Greatest Crepe? I can’t remember the exact name but it sort-of stuck in my sort-of mind.

I didn’t know what a crepe was and I wasn’t likely to go in and ask for one.

If I was being tortured on Manus Island by a Christian psychopath with rimless glasses asking over and violently over what a crepe was I would answer through tears and snot ‘a kind of tissue paper? But surely we’re not having that for dinner?’

And then he’d hit me in the head with a brick. For this is my blood.

Lucky for me that wasn’t happening. Walking home from work, instead, gob open like a schoolboy, sagging satchel, I asked Wallington what a crepe was.

‘The first meal I ever cooked for you was a spinach crepe!’ she said with an exclamation mark.

‘How can you not remember?’ she asked with a question mark.

I was unpunctuated.

We were uni students in Geelong back then. I remember that much. I was lanky and lucky and she was lovely and vegetarian. On hot days we went to the beach or the pub. On cold days we went to bed under a sash window in her rented room. Or perhaps to a lecture. The world and time were twin bliss.

One thing/another and so a new crepe joint in Sydney led to an old cookbook from Geelong.

Last rainy weekend Wallington made us crepes again. Magnificent! She was right about that first meal. It took me back to when I was lanky and we were in her bed under that window. Maybe it was the rain but it was Morrison again too. Riders On The Storm. That Manzerak tinkle. I’ve dragged the record out and played it like buggery over the past week. One thing. Another. Etc.

Food and memories loom large and often spattered and scribbled for us.


This our-house-in-the-middle-of-the-street cookbook reminds us:
. the first night we slept in our new upstairs bedroom
. the day Australia beat Japan in the World Cup
. that day I went to the pub with Luke then we both came home for a vindaloo
. the day before we flew to Hobart for Karen’s 50th birthday (that’s a whole other blog…)
. the first day we used our new bathroom
. the day Geelong beat the Swans in 2004 (as usual!).

On all those days we ate pork vindaloo. Riders on the storm.

A cookbook used like that is just slightly more interesting than a recipe read off a tablet.


3 thoughts on “Riders on the storm

  1. Agreed – it does look a tiny bit manky… but, gosh, that is the sweetest thing.
    *Throws tablet against the wall*
    I’m guessing wallington is no longer a vegetarian.

    • No. Life’s long tapestry – a kind of hallway runner – has got her back among the beasts. But with a very good backlist for our many vegetarian friends and family!

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