Ground control to major tomtom

I’ve cleaned up my desk by accident.

I was looking for that cheap phone we bought in the UK last time we were there. It seemed unlikely to be sitting on my writing desk a year later – surely! – but I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

I picked up a thin black cable and followed it through the tangle to a portable hard drive. Another black cord led to the digital camera. Most of them led nowhere. One went to the centre of the earth. They were just there in a kind of cord plughole all tangled to the left as the world span.

I found my ipod! The white cord genius of Apple. A friend gave me the ‘free’ music from the film the The Broken Circle Breakdown and now I’ll be able to get it onto my ipod and garden to some banjo.

There was the TomTom we bought so we don’t need to hire a GPS for the ‘is Skoda’ ( when we head back to the UK in July. Hooray! This one is voice activated: ‘did you say – take me to your leader?’

Modems, routers, pens, fossils, the manuscript of my novel, a sticky quilt of sticky notes, the concise Oxford dictionary, a folded Paris poche metro map, sunglasses, USB sticks, dead moths, a small cardboard box I’m too scared to open, a head torch, a pile of A4 notebooks, some torn out crosswords from the weekend papers (I’m planning to improve my brain), Need For Speed Most Wanted game DVD cover, a Captain Haddock keyring, Wallington’s student union card…that can’t have been there for decades? We’ve moved State twice since then.

Magic happens.

It was the diary of the messy life. Actually I took a picture before I ruined it all but then realised there were too many personal details on tangled display. Haematologist blood reports, passwords (not to my bank account, only to my identity, what could possibly go wrong), the invoice with our flights and travel plans, a t-shirt design idea which is pithy brilliant.

Anyway. Enough lists of mess.

Now that the desk is tidy I feel light headed with possibilities. Me and Eminem, cleaning out our closets.

I still haven’t found that phone.

We thought about buying a smart phone but if I find the Tesco special we won’t bother. We go on holidays to be disconnected. We’re pretty much unplugged as it is. Partly because we can’t find anything, but also because the present is generally more interesting than elsewhere.

In the global warm glasshouse of Sydney’s endless summer I planted broad beans on the weekend and pulled up the basil plant that has given us basil for seven months! Incredible.

Geelong Cats lost the football, but then Fremantle captain Pav is a champion and I’m happy for him.


The last red demons off one of our plants.


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