An apple a day – and away!

I won an ipad!

This won’t be an advertorial for Apple because I think they are a cultish, litigious, tax-evading, low-pay, evil empire. But they make great gadgets and the gorgeous gadget of the universe is sending a free one my way in the post! I hope. It could still be a scam by one of my utter, utter, utter bastard friends (vale Mayall). That would not be funny, even though I can see how funny it would be.

Incredibly, I intended to buy an ipad on the way home earlier this very week but I got held-up at work and didn’t make it into the backlit Apple lair. We’re heading overseas in a month and I’m sick of carting my six year old laptop. It’s about the size and weight of a piece of carry-on luggage.

Now I can leave it behind. Now I can enter flight mode. Soon I can follow the Geelong Cats from a cottage in the Lake District or a bastide in France.

Oh Apple! Hail to thee blithe spirit! Good grief. What’s happening to me…


Insert self here. Monpazier, France.

Even though I’ll soon be modern I still can’t find that phone I’ve been looking for. Maybe I don’t need it now.

PS: Thank you Crikey for picking my name out of your hat. You remain the most vivid, interesting, accurate Australian source of news and information that I’ve found.


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