terror threat raised to complete bullshit

The terrorist threat in Australia has been raised to ‘Arthur Sidonis is back before ICAC’. Friday. Panic.

A terrorist attack is now likely, it seems.

What bullshit. This is a hapless, hopeless, foundering conservative government that is doing all it can to strut the world stage as Chicken Little, conjure fear and loathing, prance the army and ASIO as string puppets, and generally demean us. They are enlisting us in ludicrous wars for the sake of the next News Poll.

The withered old American, reptilian Rupert, enthusiastically supports all of this with his dominant, dumb newspapers. Old white guys love wars. It’s Viagra. Blood and pulse and death and vicarious vitality.

I am ashamed of this government, shamed as an Australian, shamed as a person in this shared world.


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