Dobbers and liars

The world is full of dobbers and liars, as it turns out. Shadows before Summer.

Even our skullface Prime Minister lied (surely not!) when he said there would be ‘no cuts to the ABC or SBS’. Etc on other lies about cuts. Health. Education. Ears. Death mask grin. Punch the wall. He used his sad bitch-on-a-chain Turnbull to explain why a $250m+ cut wasn’t a cut. No-one believes it. Not even vain, gutted, bitch-on-a-chain Turnbull believes it who is apparently prepared to prance to any Tony tune, for money. It’s sad.

He should stop humiliating himself and not stand at the next election.

Shrill, lunatic, fake blonde dumbshell – Planet Janet – was at it again today in The Old American and on Radio National shrieking her failure and ignorance. As Elvis Costello wondered – what shall we do, what shall we do with all this useless beauty? She is evidently stupid, wilfully ignorant, has a bad voice for radio or even talking. Perhaps we should ignore her?

As she’s panting in The Old American the circulation figures suggest that we already do ignore her. That’s part of the reason she hates Twitter. It’s not her. It’s Twitt her. LOL. OMJAG.

On a brighter note, Wallington faces West. The world is astonishing.

Vale Jane Freake, all those ten years ago.


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