Toxic Togs Tony

Skullface is permanently below the waterline these days scraping barnacles off the listing shitfight of his party. What a delight for we humans. Him down there where he can’t do much damage in his hideous red Speedos with his ears full of air, all of his lie bubbles floating upwards to the light.

Even The Old American is taunting and tormenting him. Poor drowning, lying loon.

I bet he wishes he could scrape Barnacle Bill Shorten off while he was down below the waterline. Apparently we’d rather Barnacle Bill was PM instead of Toxic Togs Tony. Ha! Wonders piled upon delights. It must be Christmas.

And it’s just as well Bananas Bishop has proudly announced we’ll be donating $200m to the UN Green Climate Fund for projects in our region (read ‘humiliating backflip’). She’s not talking Tuvalu she’s talking Tempe (that will be in the fine print). It rains every day now in Sydney, often torrential, usually with lightning, flooding, thunder, blackouts, train cancellations. It’s unprecedented but normal. Nothing to be alarmed by.

I can’t recall a government more panicked and chaotic. Daily they shed ‘critical’ policies and confound their own orthodoxies. They’re in spiral freefall and have obviously decided they’ll now do and say anything to tweak a poll recovery.

Mercifully they will fuck it up.

Hopeless, um, hapless, er, um, we had always planned to do this.


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