Alright, that’s the worst title I’ve ever created for a blog.

You may have noticed I’ve changed my WordPress blog theme – and that’s a big deal. It’s like getting a new pair of glasses. I’ve done that before and it is way weird. You think the whole world is going to stop you in the street and laugh at you. Or tell you that you’ve got them on upsidedown. Or punch you in the guts. Or all of the above.

You feel vulnerable.

You secretly dream that you look great and someone will tell you so. It doesn’t happen. This is the world, remember. Charlie Hebdo. Tony Abbott.

What usually happens is the world doesn’t notice.

But I know I’ve changed and I also know that I’ve left it too late in the evening to do it properly. There are photos missing and I haven’t sorted a Header and … why didn’t anyone tell me I’m not wearing pants!

I haven’t got time. I’ve got a big meeting in the morning. Wallington is out seeing Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman and I need to do the dishes and get to bed. Domestic disbliss.

See – I can make up words. I just can’t sort my widgets.

Thanks to publikworks. You know who you are.

Did anyone ever tell you that you look great?

You look great.


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