Hong Kong

I finished reading Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread today. That’s a joy of being on holidays. I’ve been reading it for a month and I finished it in a day in Hong Kong. Poolside in a 32 degree day, then in the bar with a glass of Italian red wine.

I ended up weeping, which surprised Wallington as I’d spent most of the flight telling her it wasn’t a very good novel.

In the end, and at the end, I found it very affecting. It’s about family and loss and time passing.

Time passes quickly at 500 miles per hour at 38,000 feet. By the time I finished the book today it had four bookmarks. There was a boarding pass for flight CX162 to HK. There was a Gleebooks bookmark. There was a Cathay Pacific sanitised towelette in a foil wrapper. There was a Cathay Pacific individually wrapped toothpick. There was a business card from a concierge called Christian, from the Phillipines but working in HK.

All these bookmarks were a bit like the novel on fast forward. The things we accumulate as we speed through life.

I’ll leave them in the book and I’ll leave the book somewhere in the world and someone will find it and know where I was, briefly, in that world. And what I was reading.


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