lost luggage

‘All My Friends Are Getting Married’ was a Skyhooks song back in 1975. Tune in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czJdRcLo8oE

I was in high school and I could totally relate to it even though none of my friends were getting married. We were lucky if we were even getting a root.

It was a zeitgeist thing. The dripping passing of time (it dripped back then) was given a few chords. The leftover bits of the 60s were being suburban brick veneered, chicks were getting pregnant and sometimes married, I was failing exams. I was tall and skinny with glasses but I liked the idea that even avant-garde musicians like Skyhooks were baffled by how the world was turning out. It was totally a bummer.

If only some girl could see how deep I was, understanding all this, rather than how tall.

It didn’t help that I was at a boys’ school.

I guess if I stripped away the zeitgeist thing my fear was what the hell I would do when I finished school and all my friends were getting married. But I wasn’t, as if, if only….

That is all a long introduction to lamenting that All My Friends Are Leaving Sydney. (Dennis L. I put you in charge of writing and playing that homage) (rip-off) (I can help with the lyrics) (rip off).

We’ve left friends and family behind before. We moved from Melbourne to Hobart. We moved from Hobart to Sydney. It’s quite good fun seeing everyone crying while you anticipate your zip-a-de-do-da new life.

‘Bye! We’ll text! We’re doing things! You’re all staying put!’ Losers.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with staying put. Place is important and grounding.

Until place is another place and you’re not going there. Unless the white van, the airline ticket, the Troopy with a trailer, the ferry, all seem to be heading out of Sydney. Now place is a campsite with dirt on the fire. Grounded seems stuck.

Luke, Ali, Amanda, Gary, Maia, Sadie, Beck, Sue, Phil, Dan, Sally, Ella, Patrick, Sophie, Grant, Sara…may the road rise up to meet you. But for fucks sake!

Any readers out there who’d like to move to Sydney and have instant, grounded friends apply here.


3 thoughts on “lost luggage

  1. I would have thought “Balwyn Calling” was your tune back when you had the right day but not the right week?

    Canberra gets better every day. I undertook my first walk (part of the way) home this afternoon. Got off the bus at The High Court and headed for the Kings Avenue Bridge to Russell then to Civic and along the north shore of the lake where I bumped into the bronze version of Pig Iron Bob. I’ll get a photo of Pig Iron Hogg with him soon.

    The Carillon chimed 18:00 as I strolled past, attempting to duplicate Big Ben with one spectacularly out of tune bell and all of them tinny. That’s the sound of Canberra. Captain Cook’s fountain is buggered to boot.

    There was an astounding amount of traffic along the lake in the form of cyclists, joggers, walkers and those just out for a stroll with friends. It was absolutely wonderful.

    We’re just down the road a little and I have the feeling we’ll see more of each other than less if we make the effort. Which we will.

  2. Agreed! and there’s nothing for us up here in this shit of a town (house, garden, each other, job, weather, remaining friends notwithstanding). I’m glad to hear it is working out down there in the nation’s capital. We’re defo for a visit soon.

  3. Well all my friends are leaving Sydney
    Yes they’re all leavin’ town
    We’re just staying home on weekends
    And won’t let those bastards get us down
    The new neighbours are shagging on their deck
    But stayin’ put is not a flaw
    I do the gardening in my birthday suit
    And don’t go in until my knackers are red raw

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